Price-tag Making
  We can provide price-tags as requested by the client.
We can make price-tags for major department stores and specialized stores.
There are several required codes such as customer-code, store-code, item-code,
but we triple-check them to avoid mistakes and mis-shippings.
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Price-tag/Attention-Card Placing
  In the photo, we are attaching price-tags on the items hung.
These price-tags made in our office accurately show model numbers, color, size and price,and these will be matched with the information on labels to attach the correct tag on each item.
  In the photo, we are attaching price-tags on the items folded.
We take the same checking process as hung items.
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Some imported items need laundry-label sewn.
We order or make fabric labels and laundry labels based on the Quality Labeling Laws of Household of Japan.
We translate labels in other languages to Japanese.

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Laundly-label Sewing

We sew the labels on each item after issued. We usually sew it on the original label.
After this process is done, these items will be needle-checked.

  We are equipped with twelve professional-use sawing machines for laundry-label-attaching use only.
It could depend on the items and lots, but we are capable of attaching three to four thousand per day.
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We also clean the dirt and bleach the stains off the items with special cleaner, and tap with cloth.
We discuss which cleaner to use with the clients before use.
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  We press the wrinkled clothes with high-temperature steam to make the items look as
just made.
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